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  1. droma_9 (verified purchase)

    Shipping was okay, and the picture itself looks great. That’s about all I can say that’s positive because I tried to cancel this order the day after I made it and they categorically refused to honour that, using some time-zone excuse and the cost of shipping back to China as an excuse. Furthermore, the wooden frames that the canvases are mounted on are significantly crooked and don’t lie flat. All 5. This means they can’t be hung with hooks, and can’t be hung with standard strength tape. They keep popping off the wall. Then there’s the fact that if you line up the panels correctly by measurement, the picture itself is not lined up. So you have to choose to either have the frames lined up correctly, or the picture.
    I am extremely disappointed with this purchase and the service I’ve received – especially considering the price I paid!
    I would recommend avoiding this.

    Vintage Guitar Wall Art HD

  2. Erika (verified purchase)

    Got an XS and it was still too big for me. I’m about 5′ 2″ 117 lbs and a 34C. The dress is okay but I had trouble getting it to sit right on me and I’m not a huge fan of the material. Seems like it wouldn’t last too many wears.

    Ventrina party maxi dress – sleeveless summer dress

  3. Vanessa Tipton (verified purchase)

    I totally recommend it. It awesome and great looking.

    Keep Persistence – Taurus Bull Inspiration Wall Art

  4. Karen (verified purchase)

    It’s comparable to the canvas prints you get from Walgreens but the price is better here.

    Black Labrador Dog Wall Art HD Portrait

  5. Kevin (verified purchase)

    Enhances the overall appearance of the entire room.

    Life is a Painting Canvas Art HD

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